photography :  the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy, especially light.
first light : illumination from the art of photography.

"The Garden Variety" Photo Contest


In participation with the 2017 Louisville Photo Biennial, First Light Gallery is hosting it's first Photo Contest which will benefit Waterfront Botanical Gardens.

In countless ways, we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. It sustains us, uplifts us, and makes comfortable our lives here on Earth. We enjoy the calming shade of trees, the sweet fragrance of flowers, the rustling of leaves tickled by a breeze, and kaleidoscopes of vivid colors. Yet beyond the simple beauty we see in the chromatic blossoms and lush greens around us exists our symbiotic union with the world of plants. To breathe is to enjoy the labors of our rooted cohabitants.

This photo contest has brought together a collection of photographs from lovers of nature and seers of its beauty. Whether a vast landscape or an intimate detail, a variety of unique perspectives are represented in this photo exhibition. Through this event it has been our wish to support and promote the vision of Waterfront Botanical Gardens, further involve and align our community with their efforts.