photography :  the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy, especially light.
first light : illumination from the art of photography.

Please contact gallery about submissions and make sure to follow First Light social media or check out our blog for announcements of upcoming juried exhibitions.

 First Light is driven to further develop a public interest and appreciation for the medium of photography, educate about it's processes, and use it as a tool in community outreach. For information on a variety of photography workshops and gallery events, follow First Light social media or visit our website and check out our blog.
First Light is one of only two galleries in Louisville to exclusively showcase the medium of photography. The wonderful Paul Paletti Gallery being the first. We believe in the printed image as the foremost way to view photography, and wish to engage and educate our community about it's many involved processes.

First Light is a platform for artists to share their work and create dialogue amonst their audience. The gallery is also an outlet to view and collect profound, and fresh visions in a local, regional, and global photography community.

You'll find an eclectic collection of compelling work as we strive to deepen ties within an ever growing population of fine art photographers; connecting them with an expansive audience and making their work accessible to everyone.
First Light wishes to display works of art that are exhibition quality, evident of photographic skill. We’re looking for artists with a clear and meaningful vision, as well as a passion for the medium. To hold a high, exhibition standard of quality in our gallery, we ask that work be mindfully prepared and presented. If this is something you have questions about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At least a few images from every artist will be exhibited year round and artists will have the opportunity to participate in featured exhibits including solo shows. Our featured shows will run up to 3 months and will have an exclusive reception aligned with First Friday Hop.

With dedication to our artists and gallery, First Light and featured shows will be promoted through our social media outlets as well as LOOK, Louisville’s premiere gallery guide, First Friday Hop, Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop, and more.

Firs Light Gallery is also continuously developing and strengthening relationships within a network of art buyers. Through this network our goal is to connect the demand for original art to the supply, which is the creative endeavors of our artists. With this we hope to generate the sale and collection of the work we represent.


Artist are responsible for the printing, matting, and/or framing of their work. Artist are also responsible for the transportation of their work to and from the gallery. Stipulations apply to some out of state, and international artists.

We require an artist statement expressing your general artistic vision as well as a brief bio. Each should be about a paragraph or two. A more specific artist statement will be requested for featured shows. If you plan to display your work in any manner other than traditional framing, please provide us a description so we can make accomodations. If there is a unique process, presentation, or element of your work that you'd like to highlight, please include this with your submitted artist statement and bio.

Featured shows will consist of approximately 10 to 25 images that are representative of a cohesive theme or ongoing series. The artist(s) will coordinate with the gallery in the hanging of their artwork for featured shows. And we of course encourage artists to participate in the events and promotion of the gallery as we wish it to be a true community.